When I was in college, I signed up for self-defense martial arts class. Part of our final exam was to have a 6-foot man attack you to see if you learned how to get out of it. Although I knew he wasn’t a real attacker, as I entered the dark room my heart raced, my blood pressure shot through the roof, my palms were incredibly sweaty — terrifying to say the least. I passed the “exam”, and then recommended it to any woman who would listen.


It was a practice. I was training for a real-life event, and having experienced the practice, I now am now more ready for a real-life event. …

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Plenty of toilet paper in this store in New York City in March, 2020

What we know

One of the first repercussions of the COVID-19 virus in America was shelves missing toilet paper rolls.

There was no rational reason for people to buy toilet paper in excess. We use about a roll a week on average, and even in countries that went into full lockdown due to COVID-19 precautions, grocery stores remained open. Toilet paper is produced consistently in America and is regularly available.

So why did people hoard toilet paper? It seems it started with a report that diarrhea and other gastrointestinal issues are the first signs of COVID-19 so it would be needed. Some reported hearing that other countries ran out of toilet paper (but couldn’t cite the source or statistics). Additionally, rumors of “being on lockdown” for a long and undefined time started spreading, and people began buying bulk necessities. …

I woke up this morning feeling baffled. Until I realized that feeling baffled is a useless mindset and as a female founder and CEO, I’m too damn productive for that.

In UX (User Experience), we drive our clients to focus on the data. Our task: Uncover what people need through observation (versus what people tell us they want, which is not always accurate). Voting results are data. Data that confirms the fact that people who felt baffled, like me, actually had no clue what other Americans truly need from our next President.

So I spent most of today having empathy for those voters. Not the ones that are easy to classify and dismiss as closed-minded, backwards, supremacist a**hole personas, but ones we respect who represent people who chose to vote for Trump because they truly believed he was a better option. That is, in fact, what nearly half of the people in this country feel they need. …

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My goal in writing this book was always to help empower others and share one framework for helping you get unstuck from the daily obstacles that are faced both in your personal life and business setting. Please join me tomorrow August 11th, 2015 at 2pm for an AMA with our friends over at ProductHunt! :)

The main question I focused on when writing this book was:


I strongly believe that too many people feel stuck at work. They have ideas that could really disrupt the market and help their companies create beautiful, innovative products and services, but a host of reasons hold them back. …



Builder, nurturer, driver and designer of my business and life. CEO and author, UX expert, professor, mentor, and contributor. Mommy and Yogi.

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